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Our Program

Gymnastics teaches the fundamentals of athletic activity, so whether your child has a filled day of activities, you can keep them ahead of the game.

uneven bars photo Our program runs year round. Children may be registered at any time during the year.

We offer a variety of classes to accommodate to your child's ability level to ensure that your child participates in a comfortable environment with children of the same age and skill level:
check mark preschool classes
check mark beginner, intermediate & advanced gymnastics
check mark clinics
check mark beginner, intermediate & advanced tumbling

Our program runs YEAR ROUND recreational classes photo Enroll

uneven bars photo All of our programs follow a structured lesson plan. This outline guides the children through a list of skills in a safe, progressive order. During the lesson, children also participate in many exciting activities.

Children participate in small groups led by qualified instructors. The class size is limited to six students for pre-school and kinder classes and 8 students for recreational gymnastics and cheer tumbling classes. This way, children will get a lot of personal attention and more turns on the equipment.

We want your child not only to be safe and encouraged, but also to have fun and feel a sense of accomplishment at every stage.

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