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about_usFormer owner and founder of SUNBURST GYMNASTICS Yvette Sommer-Pechanec, in Union, NJ has opened a new gymnastics center here in Phillipsburg.

SUNBURST GYMNASTICS Training Center raised many NJ State, Regional and National Champions during the years of Yvette’s ownership (1996 - 2003). Six girls from former Sunburst Gymnastics received full gymnastics scholarships later on and two of them became the members of the US National Team.

During the years 2007-2008, Yvette was a member of the Czech Gymnastics National Team coaching staff.

Yvette’s daughter left to Stanford University on a full gymnastics scholarship and after coaching her through two World Championships and European Championships respectively, she has decided to direct her attention and experience towards our younger generation.

Welcome to Twilight

The energy of the entire kindergarden class seems to have been brought home by your child and the couch has suddenly turned into a trampoline. After watching a few cartwheels here and there, you realize that you either have a future olympic athlete at home or perhaps a child implying the need to release a whole lot of excess energy.

about_us Keeping your children entertained and healthy simultaneously may sometimes be a full time job. This is where we come in.

Through sports, children have the opportunity to learn skills and experience rarely acquired elsewhere. Gymnastics, especially, not only teaches coordination, balance, strength and flexibility combined, but also valuable life skills such as dedication, a strong work ethic and cooperation with teammates. These skills will give children a well rounded bases to transition to any other sport they please.

Sports give children a sense of direction and focus as well as satisfaction.

Yvette Sommer-Pechanec